EEA企业以太坊联盟线下沙龙 (上海)

时间:2018年9月13日 18:00 ~ 2018年9月13日 20:30

地点:(上海浦东)新区世纪大道1229号世纪大都会2号楼2楼裸心社naked hub(世纪大道店)







  • EEA与ConsenSys介绍
  • 圆桌环节:企业区块链应用

ConsenSys will hold an Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) meetup in Shanghai on Sep 13, 2018. The meetup will serve as a forum for discussions around blockchain applications in enterprises, agenda includes introduction to EEA and ConsenSys, and an “Enterprise Blockchain Applications” panel with experienced industry leaders in this space.

Guest Panelists:

Lilin Sun, Founder, PlatON, CEO & Founder, Juzix

Jackie Xu, Founder and CEO, Sectech

James Sangalli, Co-founder and Developer of AlphaWallet

(More to confirm…)


-Introduction to EEA and ConsenSys

-Panel: Enterprise Blockchain Applications


Host: ConsenSys

活动地址/Event Location:


2/F, Building 2, Century Metropolis, 1239 Century Avenue, Pudong New District, 200122


地铁:2, 4, 6, 9号线,世纪大道站B区5号口出来

Metro: Line 2,4,6,9, Exit 5 at Area B, Century Avenue Station


Taxi: Near Fushan Rd Bus Station

停车场:世纪大都会写字楼 B3 层,10元/小时,80元一天封顶

Parking: B3 at Century Metropolis Building,  10 RMB / Hour, 80 RMB maximum per day


Direction: walk out from Exit 5 at Area B of Century Avenue Station, go straight to 2F and you’ll reach  to Century Avenue naked Hub




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